Zoology – Maroon

It’s pretty rare lately that I gravitate towards, or even seek out pop music. However, when I pressed play I felt a strange feeling, as if I should talk about it. As soon as the vocals kicked in I was shocked and it has that eery familiarity, like I’ve heard it before. Basically what the Zoology can do is make something particular in an alternative-pop texture.  Now let’s talk about Maroon, the new cackling single from this interesting duo. The song has rhythms quite easy to handle, played to relax the listener pampered with delicious drums and chilling guitar chords. In the end, Emily Krueger’s voice is definitely a positive note, as it is capable of transmitting dreamlike emotions.

About the song via email, the singer Emily said: “Maroon was actually the first song we wrote in the same room. The process flowed so easily being together as opposed to bouncing ideas across the other side of the world.”

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