Yung – Nostalgia

Yung are not really novices in my headline. In fact during my trip to Denmark, more specifically in Copenaghen, I came across their name talking to some local guys. The impressions were positive , and being a curious person I started to follow them with watchful eyes. Honestly it’s a pleasure for me to tell you about their new work, Nostalgia, which confirms my love for the Scandinavian alternative punk-rock scene. The four-piece band from Aarhus have the innate ability to capture the listener mixing rock features with similar ballad’s tones. In this case the song does not turn rough as usual, (like Uncombed Hair or Pills for example); in fact in Nostalgia they show a more mature vein and a little evolution in their musical style. Basically the track has less punk features and the tones are definitely lower and loads than usual, but I don’t mind. Everything is in the right place, technically they are very good, the guitars hide a certain melancholy and I could go on endlessly with compliments.

Nostalgia is the first single off their new self-titled 7″, out on May 17th via Geertruida, which will include three unreleased songs. Furthermore, our advice is not just to follow them, but also to take the opportunity to hear them live. The band will embark soon on a EU/UK tour, with one of the stops being in Bologna for No Glucose Festival. Check the full list of dates on their website and listen to Nostalgia below.

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