Yumi Zouma – The Brae

The latest wonder landed on Cascine is from New Zealand, but lives between New York and Paris. They’re called Yumi Zouma and the first track to be taken from their debut EP is a mixture of detached vocals, hazy synths and shimmering guitar melodies that eclipses anything similar we’ve heard in long, long time.

Of course, The Brae shares various qualities with everything we found on Wild Nothing’s masterpiece Nocturne and pretty much the same aesthetics of the songs from our equally beloved TOPS, but, really, the last time we came across a refrain that’s minimally comparable… well, it was signed by some band on Sarah Records’ roster.

Listen to The Brae IMMEDIATELY below.

Yumi Zouma’s self-titled 10″ EP is out February 11th, but it’s actually already available for pre-order through Cascine’s website. Needless to say, you should get your hands on it IMMEDIATELY.