Yumi Zouma – It Feels Good To Be Around You (ft. Air France)

Swedish balearic duo Air France’s breakup happened two years ago and has been, reflexively, the hardest of breakups we ever experienced in our whole lifes. Since then, everytime we mentioned Joel Karlsson and Henrik Markstedt in a post, news or review, we always sombrely and hopelessly asked them to come back. Although this will never happen, today, on the second anniversary of the abovementioned breakup, thanks to The Line Of Best Fit is like Air France’s split is never occurred.

Best Fit Founder Rich Thane and Editor Paul Bridgewater have, indeed, asked Cascine signees Yumi Zouma (aka. the only band around capable of dealing with such a task without altering the heart and soul of the Gothemburg duo’s music) to record a cover version of It Feels Good To Be Around You, the last ever Air France single and probably the best song they’ve ever released. The result, which features both Joel and Henrik recorded “love letter to the group’s demise”, is moving as that Tumblr post that torn our worlds apart. So, while we are back on shedding tears with a smile on our faces (as we were used to, with Air France), we have to thank everyone involved in this beautiful tribute for making this feelings “real” once again.

Head over The Line Of Best Fit, listen to Yumi Zouma’s take on It Feels Good To Be Around You, celebrate.