YOUNGR – Out Of My System

After having made a bit of a name for himself thanks to his one-take live video’s featuring boot-legs of artists such as MNEK & Pharrell , multi-instrumentalist and producer YOUNGR has released his first original single. It’s titled Out Of My System and it’s a pop-infused track in the vein of the ones that recently led teen idols to receive favorable reviews and covers on indie magazines. Polished production, silky vocals and of course a high rate of catchiness.

Speaking of ‘Out of my system’, YOUNGR explains:”After becoming single over the past year, I was having a lot of fun… whilst racking up a huge visa bill, travelling the world and basically getting it all out of my system. It’s a feel good record about a time in my life that was very much that, getting it all out of my system… I guess I’m probably still in that time in my life!