XYLØ – Bang Bang

Oh this is challenging. When you think you know a band well, here is that group returns with a new song which is totally different from what you heard from them so far and it leaves you surprised. So you have to overcome the first impact and reset a bit your expectations. LA bro/sis duo XYLØ have accustomed us to soft, alluring dark-pop ballads. But today they’re back with a new, pretty nervous electro-pop track called Bang Bang, which is punctuated by a jerky pace with several abrupt breaks and the high-pitched, almost-shouted vocals of Paige Duddy. The result is a compelling and infectious tune that proves, once more, that the buzz which surrounds XYLØ is fully deserved.

About the track, they said: “Bang Bang is about when you feel unstoppable and all that matters is now. The EP is very autobiographical. Each song is a mini chapter of our lives. They range from love and euphoria to heartache and anxiety (and everything in between).

Bang Bang is taken from XYLØ’s upcoming debut EP America, which will be released through Disruptor Records on February 26th.

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