Xul Zolar – Ilajaly

Xul Zolar are an electro-pop three piece from Cologne, Germany. They choose a really exotic name for the band, but they totally sound British. Weird huh? Their new single is called Ilajaly and is the first to be taken from their upcoming EP, which will be released early next year. As you’ll hear, Xul Zolar have nothing to share with Germany, starting from tounge’s toughness. Soft, gentle vocals are a part of their jangle proposal, which is enriched by lush synthesizers and spicy guitars.

According to their Bandcamp profile, Xul Zolar “was founded by Ronald Röttel and Marin Geier, who met in Cologne’s infamous Club Sheisse (Club Shit) back in 2011. They bonded over a mutual love of The Smiths and Talking Heads and decided to start writing songs together“. This explains a bit their un-germanness.

Listen to Ilajaly below and, if you know how to pronounce it, please get in touch!