XOV – Boys Don’t Cry

XOV, aka Damian Pars, is a Teheran-born Stockholm-based artist with a long and complex history. An year after his birth, in order to fled from the Islamic Regime, his family moved in different contries and so he grew up with his mother into a Stockholm suburb called Testa. The guy started playing some music when he was just a kid, to try to mentally escape from his troubled life. He also passed some years living in the US with his relatives and when he came back his career had a lightning growth. His job curriculum is full of management appointments and he has been (and continues to be) CEO of many corporations. When he was 23, he became the Chief Officer of a famous sweden event company and worked in LA Conway Studios with Max Martin.

His debut EP, Boys Don’t Cry, is being released in two versions. The first one, called the “Naked Edition”, in which he plays with a semi-acoustic set, using just a single synth and his voice, is already out. On the other hand, the full studio version is going to be dropped in the coming days, and the titletrack is its first excerpt. The sing is an elegant RnB piece with an 80s-pop taste: it will make you fall in love with this multifaceted artist. XOV has also recorded a song for the soundtrack of the forthcoming chapter of Hunger Games, alongside with artists like Lorde or Kanye West, and we can’t wait to hear his other plans for the future.

Listen below.