Xan Griffin – Cancer

California born producer Xan Griffin is only 17 year old but it’s quite easy to predict a bright future for him. Today we’re here to introduce to you to his brand-new single Cancer, a track which mixes the uncommon elegant electro skills of the young producer with the velvety vocals of singer Emilia Ali. The track is the second extract from Xan Griffin’s ambitious Zodiac project, the natural follow-up of the previously released Gemini.

Speaking about Cancer he explains: “I based this song off the character of a cancer of course. It is a water sign meaning very into their feelings and intimate. This song is so much different from others I have made because it is a major mood change from raging synths and huge build-ups to an intimate sensual track that represents this water sign. The lyrics also portray the characteristic of the cancer of sometimes getting attached too quickly to a lover and getting many chances.

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