Wrabel – Bloodstain

Wrabel has the potential to be a new treasure of the LA’s electronic-pop scene. He is well-established and by now he’s expected to continue to produce a quality songs one after the other. Afterwards his trademark single Ten Feet Tall and the US radio hit 11 Blocks, the California-based singer has returned with a new track, Bloodstain, and it’s nice to hear that he is holding up his reputation. Married with a current soundscape comprised of warring synths that crash and rise and fall like a mysterious tide, Wrabel’s voice reminds us of the powerful, emotional strength we see in people like John.k or Yoke Lore.

While the accompaniment does stand out, it’s really the vocal that elevates this piece into something worth writing about. Wrabel demonstrates huge amount of talent on this song and something says we could be seeing this voice start to peek over the horizon in the next months.