Whitney Carr is wit, a new rising alternative R&B artist hailing from Los Angeles. She just dropped a really impressive debut single. BROkEN CLOCK, which was co-written and produced by Geo Bothelho, blends nu-r’n’b beats and synth-laden trip-hop nuances with Whitney’s alluring voice, offering the right idea on the skills of this young singer/songwriter.

Speaking on the song, she stated: “BROkEN CLOCK is really about a broken heart. When someone breaks your heart, you can actually feel it. A dull pain coming right from your heart. You can’t sleep because all you hear is the clock ticking and you pray its broken because there is no way only one minute has gone by. You know how desperate you sound but still you call over and over..and over. Begging and pleading, telling them you’ll change or praying that they’ll change. You know only time can heal it which is hopeless because you lose all sense of it.