Winter Drones – Towns Alight

I remember seeing Still Corners live at Covo Club (the most popular indie venue in Bologna) as it was yesterday (and not two years ago). I remember that everyone present was under Tessa Murray’s spell, but it wasn’t her that I couldn’t take my eyes off. It was, instead, guitarist Leon Dufficy. He seemed in complete symbiosis with his instrument. It seemed not to treat his guitar as an instrument, but more like the most tender lover.

As I said, I remember seeing Still Corners live, but, really, I can’t recall any reverbered guitar riff that messed up with my insides as Leon’s did. So, you can imagine how excited I am now that Winter Drones, our man’s solo-project, is making its comeback on Marshall Teller Records.

Towns Alight is the first track to be taken from the upcoming Heavy Eyes LP (out on April 14th) and is, of course, a shoegaze-sounding marvel that reflects the insomniac state during which it was recorded.

Listen below.