Wingtip – Need Me

Nick Perloff-Giles is that kind of disco producer that we dig. Never leaving aside the club influences, his tunes as Wingtip always pay homage to the melodic side of disco, making it enjoyable both for listening and dancing to. His latest series of singles, Eventually, Missing You and the recent Need Me are the best evidences of what we’re trying to say.

Speaking on the track, Perloff-Giles said: “I made this song in an empty apartment downtown, surrounded by boxes of my old stuff, feeling mixed and weird about leaving school and the world associated with it behind. The sound of a guitar in reverse for some reason always sounds kind of mournful and nostalgic to me, so putting it over this otherwise upbeat instrumental gave it this kind of bittersweet quality that just connected. Needing people and things and losing them is something that’s awesome and tough and sometimes you feel all of that at the same time.