Wingtip – Eventually

Brooklyn-based beatmaker and electronic artist Nick Perloff-Giles, best known as Wingtip, built his reputation as “one to watch” through a collection of disco-ready songs to which you can’t help but get up and start dancing. His latest effort, Eventually, keeps this trait, but it also carries a nostalgic vibe that makes you smile bitterly for those happy moments of your youth that will never come back again.

Speaking on the track, Wingtip said: “I think there’s something really sincere and earnest about old disco and new wave records. They’re not evasive or distant, it’s very in-your-face, not ashamed to actually feel something about another person and tell them about it. They were also mostly written for people in cars, thinking about somebody. So in that spirit, I tried to update that sound a little bit but keep it nostalgic and sincere, and make it for people driving cars somewhere thinking about people.