Wilsen – Heavy Steps

We featured art-folk trio Wilsen for the first time a while ago, when in 2014 they apperead on our Soundcloud fleed with two great songs like Go Try and Magnolia. Back then we compared their music to Daughter (and made also some cool references to Superman and Catwoman), now they have returned with a more mature and intriguing sound, which will be channeled into the release of their highly anticipated debut album I Go Missing In My Sleep, due out to release on April 28th via Kobalt/Dalliance Recordings.

Heavy Steps is the first song to be lifted from the many written by Tamsin Wilson, the band’s singer/songwriter and guitarist, for this record in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn. The track’s soundscape is pervaded by dreamy, soft vibes given by a beautiful mix of gentle guitar chords and sparse percussions, while Tamsin’s voice lead the track with fragile charme. Check it out below.