Wilsen – Go Try / Magnolia

Do you remember the time when Clark Kent used to go inside phone booths and come out as Superman? And no one ever noticed that they were exactly the same? Good. Now press play and listen to the first few seconds of Go Try (below): you’ll surely go all like “OMG it’s a new song by Daughter, right?”. No, but everything about Brooklyn-based trio Wilsen reminds of the British band led by Elena Tonra (and it’s no coincidence that they toured the US together), from the minimal guitar arpeggios to the intimist take on vocals. But, going on with the superheroes’ parallelism, if you think of Tonra as Catwoman, then Wilsen’s frontwoman Tamsin Wilson would be the Selina Kyle of the situation: a little less dark, a little more tender.

Go Try comes on the heels of Magnolia, with which shares the same ethereal and melancholic mood. Both the songs will included on the band’s forthcoming EP, which is out on May 19th.