Will Joseph Cook – Girls Like Me

We really can’t see any reason why Will Joseph Cook will not become a real deal in the UK. He’s still very young, he’s talented, he makes music that literally anyone can enjoy. Maybe he hasn’t dropped a really breakthrough (yet!) but we guess it’s just a matter of time. Blogs love him, radios the same and now that the 18-year-old songwriter is about to tour basically everywhere (from The Great Escape to SXSW), we’re pretty sure his fanbase will grow consequently. Also because, as shown again by his latest single Girls Like Me, every offerings dropped by WJC is pretty solid. Girls Like Me is that kind of alt-pop gem that will put a smile on your face every time you listen to it: it’s catchy, perfectly produced but, at the same time, it keeps that hint of lo-fi/DIY attitude that never hurts. Listen below.