I don’t know a lot about this Danish duo that goes under the name of WIINSTON, but I know one thing for sure: their debut single Canada is a hell of a song. The track is soaked into a soulful vibe made of rich electronic textures, R&B nuances and silky vocal chops; the result is so good that I simply can’t stop listening to it

From The Line Of The Best Fit we learn that the duo is formed by songwriter and producer Thomas and vocalist Wagtmann, who spoke to the UK magazine on what’s behind their debut: “We created a universe around Canada which is a symbol of the ultimate level in a relationship between two people. When you go to Canada you’re basically walking down the aisle of the church. This song is about being able to take someone to that place but not wanting to go. It’s about imbalance, it’s not about real love, it’s about real life.”

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