Wet – It’s All In Vain

So much time has passed since the last time we talked about Brooklyn-based trio Wet and their downtempo R&B/pop offering. For some reason we missed both of the songs they released some time ago – Deadwater and Weak – but don’t think that bad things come in threes because luckily we’re back on track with this new one called It’s All In Vain. The new single is taken from Wet’s highly awaited debut LP Don’t You and it starts as a mellow scandi-pop track that becomes suddenly groovy at 00:44, when a R&B-tinged refrain gives the song a whole new meaning and Kelly Zutrau’s sad words say: “I don’t believe you when you say you love me most, and when you tell me I’m the only one/ And I can’t feel you when you’re touching me and telling me that this time you want all of me”.

Listen below.

Don’t You will be out on January 29th via Columbia.