WEIRDO – Sapphire

Sooner or later, the blanket of secrecy was bound to be lifted. Now we know that WEIRDO is Josh Christopher, one-half of the pop duo IYES. Cristopher, an English musician now relocated in Berlin, started the project in 2014, dropping a demo called Disco which recently the established Youtube channel Majestic Casual brought up to 1 million plays. Fast forward to the present day and WEIRDO is the real deal, widely supported by the people over at BBC Radio 1, Spotify and bloggers like yours truly.

Sapphire is WEIRDO’s most recent offering, a song that has all the trappings of a late-night jam with some serious ’80s echoes and features the pounding drums of Charli XCX’s Debbie Knox-Hewson. Speaking on the song, Josh explains: “Sapphire was a track that I wrote a little while ago, and I always felt it deserved a bigger production than the original idea which was more of a ballad. The colour Sapphire signifies feeling blue about something, and the song was written based on disappointment and the feelings that surround being let down. Call it a love song if you will… previous songs were about being cool about relationships, but even today, in 2016, I have non-WEIRD feelings too…