WEIRDO – Attitude

“Who the fuck are WEIRDO?”. The question has yet to find a definite answer, but one thing is certain: this project is definitely one of my favorites. The buzz around this artist is steadily growing and with an ultra-catchy debut as Butter and its sticky colorful follow-up Armanio (which hit #1 on hypem), this does not surprise me at all. Today is the turn of Attitude, in which the approach is more loud, with aggressive guitars and big rock drums that go hand in hand with the same inteligent and very palatable hipster-pop aesthetic that we can now consider as the winning WEIRDO‘s trademark.

Speaking about the track, the artist stated. “‘Attitude’ is a weird one. When I wrote this, I had just gone through a nasty break-up and I was completely alone. Looking back at it now though, it’s a coming of age tale, spurred by emotions, aggression, a bad attitude and not feeling in denial anymore. Now that I’m living between Berlin and the UK, I can totally see the difference in social and cultural acceptances, which I can relate to with Attitude. In Berlin, we really don’t give a fuck; its totally open-minded and free-spirited, where as in the UK, it’s a complete meltdown of arrogance concurred from being let down by the government. This is an anthem to all people that feel weird right about now in life and let down: keep walking, no-one can stop you.