WEIRDO – Armanio

You’re listening to the sound of WEIRDO“. Thus begins Armanio, the new single from mysterious newcomer WEIRDO, and it’s the begin of a ultra-sticky multicolored swirl made of electro pop, dance, rock, weird (ofc) toys and VHS hiss. What I love more of this project is that, after only two tracks, it’s already recognizable: Butter, before, and Armanio now, sound just like WEIRDO and this, in the overpopulated new music world, represents a trump card.

Speaking about Armanio, the Berlin-based artist explains : “It’s a song about a girl I know who is lovely and awesome, but has one of these cling-on boyfriends who is just obsessive and insecure—I mean, it’s something that happens a lot for sure and its a shout out to all the awesome people in love with the wrong guy or girl. It’s a fun dancing song I suppose and overall it should be a track to help you get over someone maybe!”.

Armanio will be part of WEIRDO‘s 4-tracks debut EP which will be released later this year.