VŌS – Patience

That was an overwhelming listen. Which is why I’m writing this review in complete silence. In fact, it’s so quiet now that I can feel peace in my mind. You know when you hear a song, and it kind of reminds you a few other songs but not in a bad or repetitive way? That’s how I feel with Patience, the first single from London-based electro-pop duo called VŌS. Opening on a deep, hollow beat, the rhythm gets into your head almost immediately. The instrumental layers are rich, deep and harmonized in the right way. Moreover, the soothing vocals plead through the echoes and synth effects, showing enormous quality. This debut song shows an impressive familiarity with the pop genre: female vocals, acid sounds and scattered jumps between synth-pop and dreamy vibes. Check the song below and give your support to this promising duo.

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