Von Sell – Stay

David Von Sell is a German-native, NYC-based electro-pop artist who broke into blogosphere more than a year ago with with his breakthrough debut Ivan. The song has been followed three months ago by a new tune, the soulful I Insist, which paved the way to Stay, Von Sell’s latest offering. Unlike its antecedent, Stay is an addictive synth-infused pop tune, marked by throbbing bass and by the smooth singing of the German artist.

Speaking on the track, Von Sell said: “I remember thinking about these archaic roles men and women assign each other in relationships, emotionally, sexually, temperamentally, intellectually. We’ve evolved in every way until it comes to how our relationships actually materialize. It’s like we’re still wearing our kids clothes and they hardly fit but we refuse to buy something new in our size ‘cause of our programming.