vivienxo – TTYN

Russian-born, Helsinki based pop artist Victoria Zolotukhina, a.k.a. vivienxo, has finally found home after releasing music on trademark labels such as Shelflife and CSCN. She’s now signed to Femme En Fourrure’s imprint FEF Corp, through which she has just unveiled her new single TTYN, a glorious electronic pop number marked by shimmering synth hooks and sugary vocals. It sounds kinda like a low fidelity mix between Carly Rae Jepsen and Grimes, but also stands out on its own thanks to an infectious chorus that easily gets stuck in your head. “You’re just another fuckboy/ I thought you were special/ You’re just another fuckboy“: lyrics are all about getting your shit together at the time of a breakout, even if there’s still something going on and, despite everything he may have said or done, you’ve experiencing once again the same disappointments of the past. TTYN, Talk To You Never indeed.

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