Violet Skies – Island

It’s always nice when you’ve been following an artist since the early days and you see him or her growing so much. We wrote our first post about Welsh singer/songwriter Violet Skies in May, 2014 and now, almost three years later, she seems finally ready for the big jump. After having spent most of the past year touring across the world, making some key stops at Eurosonic, SXSW and Canadian Music Week, Violet collected enough songs for a new EP, which indeed will be released this Spring with the title This Was Us.

The first excerpt to be lifted from the record came out a few days ago and it’s called Island, a song marked by a brooding vibe given by the well-refined dark-pop production which, through a wise mix of organic and electronic elements, strongly puts Violet’s stunning voice under the spotlight.

Speaking on the track, the artist said: “I wasn’t really expecting it to become something I released. I heard someone else singing it in my head – but it grew to mean more and more to me. It’s about finding peace and freedom, in this particular case, from the noise of other people and the noise inside your own head. The subject, as with everything I’ve written in the last year, surrounds one particular person and our relationship. I was trying my best to understand and empathise with something difficult they were going through, and Island was born.