Violet Days – I’m A Dreamer

Stockholm based alternative pop artist Lina Hansson, a.k.a. Violet Days, continues to drop compelling pop gems in this 2017. Following Suck At Love, she has now unveiled another tune from her upcoming EP, produced by Kris Eriksson (The Chainsmokers) like the resto of the extened play and called I’m A Dreamer. The track is a massive mix of brooding synths, dark-pop textures à la XYLØ and sharp percussions, topped by the bright voice of Hansson, who draws inspiration from watching romance movies.

Speaking on the song, she said: “I wanted to tell the story of realists versus dreamers. It´s about the frustration when you have people around you that don’t see things or believe in them the way you do. When you constantly want to escape reality and dream away.

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