Vero – Hello

Vero is a new Swedish alt-rock trio who just delivered an intriguing debut single called Hello. Already signed to Sony, the band is led by Julia Vero and sounds like a mix of LPX and HAIM. The scratchy guitars find an unusual outlet in an infectious and confident pop melody. A truly promising debut that leaves us curious to hear (hopefully soon) more from this band.

Speaking to TLOBF, Julia Vero said: “Hello is fun. We wrote it in a weekend and just tried to capture our essence while drinking sparkling wine (you can hear a “clink” from a wine bottle in the song actually). It’s great to listen to it when you angry-walk around town. We work a lot with drum machines since we really don’t want or need a drummer in our band. That’s why we got inspired by hacienda-style rhythms, which fuels the track next to the most annoying guitar sound ever. So, yeah. We wanted to get all things that we like in to one track, and maybe that is why it was so easy writing it. Dig it.

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