Vasser – To The Wolves

Sam Breathwick is a 18-year-old songwriter and producer who goes under the moniker of Vasser. He recently gained a lot of attention and praises with his debut AA single Whatever You Want/Retract, which was picked by BBC Radio 1, Introducing and 1Xtra and surpassed 1M plays on Spotify. To The Wolves is its follow-up, a brooding mid-tempo tune that mixes intricate electronic textures and organic elements, paving the way for Breathwick’s muttering vocals. The track stands out for the amazing dynamic that is established between the several elements (of any kind, from the shimmering synths to the electronic percussions and the subtle guitar riffs) that progressively get together to enrich the melody.

Speaking on what inspired the track, Vasser said that it was “by a year-long relationship that was constantly proving unequal. It’s also the first track I’ve written in which my vocals proved to be a focal point, and where the song was based around them rather than a production-led arrangement.

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