Vanessa Elisha – Ocean

We thought that we exhausted the “water” theme writing about Swim Good and hosting his beautiful mixtape: we more wrong. We came across an Australian mermaid who has definitely brought us back to the topic. Midnight Swim and Ocean are the last two gems dropped by rising R&B songstress Vanessa Elisha and after having listened to them, we felt guilty for having missed her excellent debut EP last year.

Surronded by a bunch of top class producer, like GXNXVS and J-Louis are, Vanessa has unleashed her smooth vocal style, which recalls the charming 90s (fact: Lauryn Hill is one of her hero). Listening to her last offer Ocean, we would say that J-Louis has returned the favor at his best to Vanessa, who had previously taken part in one of his songs called, even if on purpose, Waves. Following Ocean‘s course, to which electronic beats fit like a glove, Vanessa’s seductive voice bewitches us while she bares her soul: “Surround me like an ocean/ protect me like I’m broken/ I don’t know where I go, I don’t know where I fit in/ Where do I finish and where does he begin?“.

An easy prediction: the next release of Vanessa Elisha will be huge. Listen to Ocean below.