Vanessa Elisha – Dark & Lonely

Australian R&B artist Vanessa Elisha has teamed up with his long-time collaborator XXYYXX for her latest single Dark & Lonely, which follows the cover of Drake’s Good Ones Go. The new track blends muffled electronic percussions and brooding piano keys, setting up for Vanessa’s soulful voice to shine over the song’s gloomy soundscape.

Speaking on Dark & Lonely, she said: “The song itself can mean a bunch of different things to different people. For me, it’s about being comfortable as an introverted loner, and the judgement that comes from that. It’s about changing moods, changing tides, pushing people away, bringing them back in, being happy in loneliness, being sad in loneliness – the ramblings of a girl trying to figure her shit out really.

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