Vallis Alps – Vallis Alps EP

In Italy we don’t have just Santa Claus to bring us gifts. During Epiphany Eve children use to wait for another character: the Befana. She’s an old lady who rides a broomstick and visits every home during the night to leave candies, chocolate or other sweet stuffs into good kids’ socks, and black coal to the bad ones. Well, it seems we all have been very kind during 2014, cause Befana gave us an amazing gift (even if not in our sock). This gift is the debut EP of Vallis Alps. This Canberra-based duo released it on every platform on January 6th and it needed just three hours to get featured on HumanHuman, establishing a record. And all the hype it totally deserved ’cause, man, their music is overwhelming. David and Parissa play elegant electropop that recalls Purity Ring or London Grammar. Their four-tracks release is free from fillers, all songs could have been great debut singles and all together they simply leave you open-mouthed. 2015 started in the best possible way thanks to this new super-promising project.

Listen below, then set your radars on them.