Ukiyo – Calling

There’s a kid in Australia who’s seriously making waves at the moment. His name is Timothy Arnott but he’s best know under his moniker as electronic producer, Ukiyo. Blending the sounds of several music styles, from US trap to hip-hop & passing through dance music, Ukiyo is giving his signature twist to his productions. His latest offering Calling makes no difference: thumping beats meet whirling and sparkling synth hooks, while the smooth voice of Young Girl Pho is a real cherry on this cake.

Speaking on Nylon, Ukiyo said: “Calling began as some simple classical piano chords back in March last year and during the crazy year that I’ve had since, I’ve been putting my heart and soul into getting it to sound exactly the way I envisioned. Phoebe coming on board with her songwriting and soulful vocals has really created something unique and special. This track represents the first chapter of Ukiyo and I’m beyond excited to hear how people respond to it.