TYSM – Honeymoon Phase

There’s a producer who, more than anyone else, has defined the sound of the past two years and he’s about to take over soon. I’m obviously talking about Felix Snow, the guy who’s behind the successes, among the others, of Kiiara’s Gold, Tayá’s Deeper and of courseTerror Jr.. His forward-thinking style of production has recently meet another new rising act that comes under the moniker of TYSM (Thank You So Much). This young girl from Seguin in Texas just dropped an amazing single called Honeymoon Phase, in which her mellow and winking vocals meet the trademark style of Snow. And it’s such a great match, believe me!

Speaking to The Fader, she recalled the time when she literally ran into Snow at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. “He let me sing in his ear…and I did!” On the track, TYSM added: “Honeymoon Phase is a light for me and anyone else who needs it.

Listen below.