Two Another – Over My Shoulder

UK electronic R&B duo Two Another are running fast towards the release of their new EP, which is due out on June 9th. They have already lifted two songs, World Demands It and Aiming Up, from the record and now they have dropped another excerpt, this time called Over My Shoulder. Together with the usual R&B-tinged and alluring vocals, the track comes with an extra infectious “disco” vibe given by a sick bass line delivered by Jamiroquai’s Nick Fyffe that blends perfectly with the thumping beats, funky-ish guitar licks and polished synths.

Speaking about the creation of ‘Over My Shoulder’ Two Another explain: “We tried 6 different bassist’s from all parts of the globe to nail down the right bass line on’ Over My Shoulder’. We kept giving the same Jamiroquai references to the musicians, until we eventually decided to throw a hail Mary and find the man responsible of all those timeless basslines. After searching on the internet for a while we found Nick Fyffe’s email and luckily he got back to us and played the part that made the track!

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