Twinkles – In My Dreams

It wasn’t easy for New Zealand-born pop/R&B artist Leigh Fitzjames to move to States. While her Visa was in the making, she spent time in India and Thailand, playing in jazz clubs and taking classical Hindustani music lessons, but nonetheless stuck in a sort of limbo and clueless about her future. Once arrived in New York, Leigh finally started her artistic career, which includes acting and a music project named Twinkles. Her first single In My Dreams blends classical piano with a sharp R&B-tinged production and it’s blessed by the sultry vocals of Leigh. The song talks about “leaving love behind and looking back to the past“, which totally makes sense given the artist’s past we mentioned a few lines above. In My Dreams is taken from Twinkles’ 3-track debut EP, which will be released in February 2016. Listen below.