Tuvaband – Unknown / (It’s Not About) Running

Tuvaband started a few years ago as the bedroom solo project of Norwegian songwriter Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser. She moved out to the living room only when she met English musician Simon Would, who joined the band in 2014. The band was settled but it took another two years – and a collaboration with Jonas Kjølstad at the Loft Records – before they were ready to drop their first official release, which comes today in the form of a double single. Unknown and (It’s Not About) Running are two delicate dream-pop gems, built around few laid-back guitar chords that contribute to highlight the sparkling vocals delivered by Tuva. The production is quite minimal and succeeds in encapsulating the inner beauty of both tracks. Undoubtedly a really promising debut, which we hope will soon be followed up. Listen below.