Tuvaband – Everything We Do Is Wrong

Following up the huge success of their debut double single Unknown / Running, Norwegian/English duo Tuvaband have recently dropped a new single, Everything We Do Is Wrong, ahead of their upcoming SXSW performance. The track, which is out via Singles label Diamond Club, revives the dreamy alt-folk soundscape we got to know when we stumbled across the duo the first time, where sparse, dark-tinged piano chords are enough to create the dense sound on which floats the fragile voice of lead-singer Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser.

Speaking on the track, the duo (formed by the above-mentioned Marschhäuser and Simon Would) said: “Everything We Do Is Wrong is coming from an underlying feeling of being trapped and sometimes paralyzed in a world where the normalized, daily stuff we do feels wrong, both for the planet and the people. How and what we eat, buying new clothes, and the stuff we acquire because we think we need it, but actually don’t. “Everything We Do Is Wrong” is a raw and stripped back song with a lot of emotions.