Turtle – Silent Weapon

Scottish producer and songwriter Jon Cooper (a.k.a. Turtle) dropped yesterday a new tune called Silent Weapon, which is, needless to say, a extremely fine moment of music. Listening to Silent Weapon is like a dip in slow motion into the placid cloth woven by Turtle through his electronic textures.

Recently interviewed by our French friends at Sodwee, Cooper said about his music: “there are times when I am mixing the tracks I close my eyes and have an internalized Gestalt type image of the whole structure or flow of the track but other times I just act on impulse and instinct and then just flow with momentary randomness and see what the outcome sounds like. The core ideas, elements are very impulsive but the production and mixing stage is very carefully considered. I do love happy accident to though“.

Listen to Silent Weapon below and read the full interview here.