Tülpa – Gnats (ft. BLANKTS)

LA-based wonderkid producer Tülpa has teamed up again with his longtime collaborator BLANKTS to create a new sleek electronic tune titled Gnats. The song draws inspiration from the “realization of feeling overwhelmed and alone in a big city” and I’d say that it perfectly manages to convey that feeling, thanks to the smooth chill-out beat, the sparkling production and BLANKTS’ silky vocals. The song anticipates a collaborative EP, Storytales, inspired by Canada that will be released this Fall.

Speakin on their musical collaborations, the two artist stated: “We produce a variety of songs and beets, like produce in a grocery store. We light incense, drink chocolate milk, make coffee, stare out of windows, and hold sweaty hands like regular teens. We do our thing. Peace and luh <3