TRISHES – Animal

Animal is the first excerpt to be taken from TRISHES‘ upcoming LP, which is set for release later this year. The LA electro-pop songstress is fresh from the success of her original debut Day Jobs, which was produced by Grammy-nominated First Born, and she doesn’t intend to stop now. The new offering was instead refined by Haqq and it’s a sparkling piece marked by thumping electronic percussions and bejeweled by Trishes’ R&B-style vocals.

Speaking about Animal, TRISHES said: “The first half of my twenties was a war between two parts of myself that lead to depression and anxiety. Freud calls them “the id” (the primal self) and the ‘super ego’ (the spiritual self). I created TRISHES as a way for me to understand and express this duality, and ‘Animal’ was my first step in that process. I wrote it almost entirely in my head as I wandered through museums in Washington D.C., struck by the faded artifacts secured in sleek glass casings – a symbol of our primitive existence trapped in a city that represents our modern ideology. I felt an uncomfortable kinship to the ancient relics and it helped me understand my own turmoil. We are both spirit and animal and the human struggle is navigation between the two.