Tredici Bacci – Carina Botto

Someone said that we don’t love Italy enough, ‘cause we decided to run our blog in English. That’s not true. We’re proudly Italian, especially when it comes to music and other arts. We truly hope our occasionally “maccheronic take” on English serves the purpose of getting Italian musicians the recognition they deserve also abroad, we appreciated the fact that Italian photography from the 80s got various superlatives on multiple major international websites and, like the wide majority of Italians, we will remind 2014 as the year in which Italian cinema has returned to its former glory. Again, we’re proudly Italian. That’s why Carina Botto, the new track by Tredici Bacci –  the orchestral 14-piece group of young musicians from Boston directed by Simon ‘Luxardo’ Hanes of Guerrilla Toss –  sounds particularly moving for us. It truly possesses the spirit of Spaghetti Westerns, Commedia all’italiana and Italian Giallo’s soundtracks from the 60s and 70s, alongside with the Italian baroque way to celebrate incomparable aesthetics that you appreciated in Paolo Sorrentino’s The Great Beauty. Though the name they chose for their collective is clearly misspelled, this is definitely a tremendous tribute to Italy. A country we still love, even in it darkest times.

Carina Botto is part of The Thirteen Kisses Cassetta, which is out on April 22nd via NNA Tapes.