Transviolet – Girls Your Age

Los Angeles via New York quartet Transviolet makes its debut today releasing an impressive single entitled Girls Your Age. An essential production and minimalist electro beats frame an  algid and hypnotic female voice, which leads this standout debut. Speaking about Girls Your Age, Transviolet said: “It’s complicated- coming into your own. Especially for girls. The world wants you to fit a role- be smart OR be sexy OR be modest- they want you to fit into some tidy, little, one-size-fits-all box. The truth is, you are human, and you aren’t meant to be just one thing. You can be innocent, sexy, elegant, dirty, beautiful, and flawed all in the same instance, and you don’t have to let anyone flatten you out into some one dimensional caricature of yourself. Fuck that. You are multidimensional, and you are capable of being everything at once.

Listen below.