Toyko – Stronger Love

Fresh from the praises received for his debut single Ghost Pepper, LA based electronic-soul artist Toyko (pronounced toi-koh) has shared his sophomore offering already. Called Stronger Love, this compelling track is marked by a massive electro-drenched production that kicks in right after the heartfelt piano-led opening and drives the overwhelming melody through bold pop hooks and theatrical, powerful vocal chops.

Speaking on the track, Toyko said: “Stronger Love came after a night of heavy drinking and a bunch of poor decisions. Come the next morning, I knew I had hurt someone I care for deeply and wrote this song as a cry for forgiveness. It’s funny cause when I hear the song now it feels empowering, fun and uplifting but when I was writing the lyrics I was actually in a pretty dark place. I never set out to make a track like this, just sat down agenda-less and let raw emotion run its course.