Following up his latest single Reach Out is back with a new excerpt from his upcoming debut EP Extended Plea. This brooding alt-soul number called Hurtin puts together majestic arrangements with a light blues-tinged aftertaste and the soulful vocals delivered by the Nigerian born, New York based artist.

On the track, which was written and self-produced by TOULOUSE himself, he said: “Hurtin’ is a simple song about thorough self reflection about…you guessed it…hurting. Not a specific event, but the mindset that a lot of us can be slave to. It can be like walking around with a perpetual ache. There is a continuum present with the last song I put out “Reach Out”. Meaning I am doing the work of being aware of, investigating and ultimately accepting that I be radically honest with myself even if I am staring at a grotesque image on the other side. It’s half the battle of being a better person.

The Extended Plea EP is set for release via Terrible Records on September 15th.