Tomorrow We Sail – Never Goodbye

Tomorrow We Sail is a Leeds-based ensemble made of seven musicians and active within the English folk-pop scene since 2009. They self-released their debut EP, The Common Fire, in 2010 and they’ve always showed a keen ear for epic soundscapes, made of orchestral strings, chiming guitars and dreamy harmonies. There’s folk, post-rock, pop, slowcore and ambient in their music and the result is something similar to Lanterns Of The Lake and Low.

Never Goodbye is a superb piano ballad that is enhanced with the occasional punctuation of a violin and a pinch of post-rock instrumental climax. It’s a song filled with heartbroken sincerity and it’s the first single to be taken from the forthcoming debut album For Those Who Caught The Sun In Flight, out on February 10th on the Mancunian label Gizeh.