Tom Tripp – Aurelia

More than two years ago, London-based enigmatic artist Tom Tripp tweeted: “All I want to do is make dope music and hide. I’m going to do just that. No need to talk.” That tweet still perfectly encapsulates his approach to music. Last year, his first demo T.A.M. drew the attention of several labels and music insiders and, when he hinted a collab with no less than XL Recordings earlier this year, probably no one expected that the next release from him was just another demo. But honestly, Aurelia doesn’t feel like a demo at all. It’s a self-produced track blessed by an insane groove and Tom’s heartfelt singing, reminiscent of Jai Paul and Ben Khan. And while I’m typing these names, I’m wondering why artists that sound this way feel the urge to disappear completely from the scene for years. Hope it won’t be the case of Tom, who still has his entire career ahead of him. It would be a great shame.