Tôg – Av Hengslene

I have to admit it and make amend: during my adolescence, I was a huge and orthodox metalhead. What I thought about Scandinavia was that being surrounded by cold, bad weather and with a shorter daytime than at lower latitudes, all that you can do is having negative feelings and turning your frustration into a black metal band. Now, assuming that I saw too many documentaries about Varg Vikerness and the black metal mafia, Norwegian label Brilliance Records is, luckily, the opposite of it all.

Tôg are one of the shiniest band on its roster and a band that uses to mix balearic beats and vocals à la Delorean with dance and funk elements that you might be familiar with if you still listen regularly to Friendly Fires’ Pala. Yeah, an awesome band.

Av Hengslene is a valuable excerpt from their upcoming album Feiring, out on 01/31. Listen below, possibly with the accompaniment of a mojito on the rocks (which I just learned is a thing now).