Tobias Jesso Jr. – Just A Dream

When I first came across Just A Dream by Tobias Jesso Jr, I thought that it couldn’t be just a demo. I pressed play again and I thought that he reminds me of John Lennon’s solo work in the 70s and, again, that it couldn’t possibly be just a demo. It is a demo.

Just A Dream is a straight and primal piano ballad, that embraces solely pureness. The lyrics are a perfect message to a newborn and, singing a little louder than a whisper, Tobias shows off how special his human bond with the child is.

In addition to his incredible skills as a songwriter, the Vancouver talent can count on the support and experience of JR White, to whom he sent his demo tapes shortly after that Girls broke up. The two are now working on Tobias’ debut LP, which will be out sometime this year.

I don’t know if the album will follow the same path marked by Just A Dream, but if anyone out there does not feel very touched by this song, then he probably does not even have a heart.