Tiggs Da Author – Georgia

Today we’d like to introduce you to the future of soul. We know that’s an abused catchphrase, but we’re certain that Tanzanian-born, London-bred Tiggs Da Author is not a bluff. Georgia is the ideal example of the perfect melting pot of influences: we can easily identify some Motown reminiscences, especially from Marvin Gaye’s fusion of soul music with synth and orchestral sounds (Tiggs used and well-managed a 9-piece jazz band) and additionally something we recently listened from artists like Curtis Harding. But Tiggs’ African roots are well represented too, with reggae and African jazz vibes exploding every now and then. Lastly, we catch that spark that made Andre 3000 and Outkast a real mass phenomenon.

Check out the lyrics video for Georgia and make sure we’re not exaggerating.